Training Report

Up to June 2020, LGSP-3 has completed as many as 19 training and workshop programmes for different project related stakeholders Union Parishad Functionaries, District Facilitators and officials of different categories of officials of field administration. Besides, the project has also implemented several Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities such as printing and distribution of IEC materials (Poster, Leaflet, Brochure, Calendars etc) among UPs and at different levels of field administration; publication and distribution of Union Parishad Operational Manual and Pourashava Operational Manuals.

Apart from this, Project Management Unit (PMU) has also chalked a number of areas for capacity building for different project related stakeholder including direct training.

Summary of Training Courses & Workshops completed

SLYearTraining typesTraining duration (in day)Target (number)Achievement(No.)Achievement(%)
12018 (February)Orientation Planning &Management of Project Activities for DFs16161100
22018 (March)Orientation Training for Auditors of Audit Firms (For the audit of FY2016-2017)115001500100
32018 (20-27 September)Ten Divisional Workshops with UP Functionaries & GOB officials of Field Administration including all DDLGS139437294.41
42018 (September)  Orientation Training for Auditors of Audit Firms (For the audit of FY 2017-2018)115001500100
52018 (22 September)One Workshop with Pourashava Functionaries (Mayors, Secretaries & Engineers)16464100
62019 (27-29 March)Planning and Implementation of Project Activities for DFs3555498
72019 (02 & 06 May)Orientation on Project Activities for Councilors and Secretaries of Pilot Pourashavas121214066
82019 (13 June)Workshop on Overall Project Progress with DFs15454100
92019 (26 June)Workshop on MIS System under LGSP-312020100
102019 (August)Workshop on Sharing Project Experience & Review of Overall Project Progress11005050
112019 July-DecemberDistrict Level Training Workshop with Deputy Commissioners, DDLGs, UNO, DFs & UP Functionaries (UP Chairmen & UP Secretaries)19815968498.66
122019 (September)ToT Workshop  on Safeguard Issues with DFs15454100
132019  (November)Follow-up Workshop on MTR WB Mission with DFs & PMU officials17373100
142019 (November)Workshop on Production of Video Tutorial with Media People1100100100
152020 (January)Workshop on MujeebBorsha with DFs15454100
162020 (February)National Workshop on Transparency and Accountability of Union Parishads1100100100
172020 (June)Specialised Training on Social & Environmental Safeguards for UP & Pourashava Functionaries19,142Ongoing 
182020 (February)ToT on MIS with the Participation of All DFs & Selected UP Secretaries (Two from each of the 64 districts)1193193100
19November –2019 February 2020Horizontal Learning  Programme (HLP) Workshops  for identifying good practices (Jessore, Magura, Moulavibazar and Tangail Districts)1320 Government Functionaries320NILG so far has organized Jessore, Magura, Moulavibazar and Tangail District Orientation HLP Workshops

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