Safeguard Compliances followed under LGSP-3

  • In Ward-meeting, ccommunity consultation is done during selection of schemes
  • In UP level selection process is completed in the meeting chaired by UP Chairman
  • In Upazila level, Schemes are endorsed by BGCC committee meeting  chaired by UNO
  • In all cases, checking the scheme negative scheme list of OM, land acquisition, cutting more trees, water congestion, obstacle to irrigation etc. are avoided.

     Safeguard Compliance issues are followed during construction period

  • Cleaning of construction materials to remove silt & clay, maintaining water-cement ratio, initial & final setting time etc. are controlled and curing time of brick/ CC/ RCC works for 28 days
  • For earthen road construction, soil-spreading, optimum moisture, proper compaction

Environmental Safeguard compliances:

  • Control dust, sound pollution, drainage congestion etc. are maintained during construction
  • Latrine (separate latrine for women laborers) installation where necessary
  • Control and management of generated wastes during construction
  • Setting temporary drainage to drain out excess water due to construction and rain
  • For supply water, tube well water is tested to check arsenic & iron contamination
  • Regular spraying of water is ensured to control dust, and sound is controlled

Social Safeguard Compliance:

  • Protection of children through guiding them to a definite path during construction.
  • Labor management (more female laborers and maintaining their wages) and maintaining equal wages for female and male laborers, and ensuring local laborers engagement
  • Prohibition of child labour engagement
  • Avoid land acquisition, crop damage, obstacle to irrigation etc.
  • In case of private land donation, land handing over documentation is ensured,
  • Proper participation and satisfaction are ensured for the schemes for indigenous people

    Grievance Redress Mechanism in the UP level

  • Proper circulation for inviting complaints regarding the LGSP schemes
  • The GRCs are active in all UPs and ULBs and quick solution to any complain

     Capacities building to ensure safeguard compliances

Proper training is imparted for the capacity building of all functionaries under LGSP-3.

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