Expanded Block Grants (EBG)

EBG allocation to  pilot Pourashavas are determined according to a two step process;

  1. 25% of the EBG allocation is divided equally among all participating Pourashava;
  2. The remaining 75% is distributed among Pourashavas that meet the Minimum Conditions (MCs) based on a simple formula that takes into account the population of Pourashava.

Minimum Conditions include:

  • Annual financial audit report having no adverse and disclaimer audit opinion;
  • Functional Town Level Coordination Committee (TLCC);
  • Regular/timely preparation and submission of financial and progress reports to PMU, LGSP-3 and Local Government Division (LGD);
  • Pourashava Grants is disbursed directly to qualifying Pourashavas in two six-monthly installments.
  • EBG allocations are used to finance a range of operational, and development expenditures such as road maintenance, solid waste collection and disposal  and other municipal services etc.
  • EBG funds cannot be used for any kind of staff salaries and in any schemes mentioned in the negative list of Pourashava Operational Manual (POM).

Year wise Expanded Block Grants (EBG) projection

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