Expanded Block Grants (EBG)

EBG allocation to  pilot Pourashavas are determined according to a two step process;

  1. 25% of the EBG allocation is divided equally among all participating Pourashava;
  2. The remaining 75% is distributed among Pourashavas that meet the Minimum Conditions (MCs) based on a simple formula that takes into account the population of Pourashava.

Minimum Conditions include:

  • Annual financial audit report having no adverse and disclaimer audit opinion;
  • Functional Town Level Coordination Committee (TLCC);
  • Regular/timely preparation and submission of financial and progress reports to PMU, LGSP-3 and Local Government Division (LGD);
  • Pourashava Grants is disbursed directly to qualifying Pourashavas in two six-monthly installments.
  • EBG allocations are used to finance a range of operational, and development expenditures such as road maintenance, solid waste collection and disposal  and other municipal services etc.
  • EBG funds cannot be used for any kind of staff salaries and in any schemes mentioned in the negative list of Pourashava Operational Manual (POM).

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