Component 1: Union Parishad Grant Transfer Institutionalization
Basic Block Grants (BBG) & Performance Based Grants (PBG)
  • In the first three years, GoB and World Bank co-financed the payment of BBG to the Union Parishads in the ratio of 52:48.
  • In the last two years of the project, BOG was paid to the Union Parishads with a single funding of GoB (100%).
  • To provide PBG to the selected Union Parishads on the basis of performance appraisal with the single funding of the World Bank for the entire duration of the project (5 years).
Component 2: Financial Audit & Performance Assessment (PA) and MIS
  • The main objective of this component is to make the elected representatives of the Union Parishad transparent and accountable to the people by ensuring free flow of information.
  • All the Union Parishads of the country are being audited regularly every year through private audit firms
Component 3: Expanded Block Grants (EBG) for 16 Pilot Pourashavas

Expanded Block Grants (EBG) is being provided to 16 Pilot Pourashavas

Component 4: Capacity Building and Implementation Support Management
  • To conduct extensive training activities under LGSP-3 to enhance the capacity of Union Parishads
  • A project management team has been formed under the leadership of a project manager to implement LGSP-3. The team consists of two sub-project directors, one assistant project director, 20 consultants and 09 associates
  • Field administration has been involved in the implementation of LGSP-3. In addition, field level project implementation activities are being monitored and supervised with the help of DFL led by DDLGs.
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