• 25% of the Basic Block Grant (BBG) is distributed equally among all the Union Parishads.
  • The remaining 75 per cent of the money was allocated to the Union Parishad, which passed the audit, 90% on the basis of population and 10% on the basis of size.
  • The Local Government Department disburses the Basic Block Grant (BBG) in two installments which will be sent directly to the Union Parishad’s bank account in August-September and February-March of each year.
  • At least 30% of the Basic Block Grant (BBG) and Performance Based Grant (PBG) should be spent on implementing priority schemes for women.
  • Maximum 10% of Basic Block Grant (BBG) and Performance Based Grant (PBG) means capacity building activities (training, mutual learning, assistance in creating schemes, environment and social security systems, accounting, union level information, computer entry, women Assistance to development forums and other specific skill enhancement assistance) can be spent. If 10% of the money is not spent in the mentioned cases, it can be spent on the implementation of the scheme.

বছর ভিত্তিক মৌলিক থোক বরাদ্দ (বিবিজি) প্রক্ষেপন

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