• Creation of a large number of trained manpower at the grassroots level through training
  • Regular ward meetings are held in all wards of the country
  • Creation and maintenance of resource registers in all Union Parishads of the country
  • Regular disclosure of information of various development activities by the Union Parishad through Bill Board / Notice Board
  • Effective practice of procurement process / procedure by Union Parishad in case of implementation of scheme
  • Following the policy of environmental and social safeguard in the implementation of the scheme under the project
  • Empowering women all over the country by ensuring women’s participation in the selection and implementation of schemes
  • Strengthen DDLG offices in all districts of the country by empowering women by ensuring women’s participation in scheme selection and implementation
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability at the local level including improving the financial management of the Union Parishads by bringing the overall activities of all the Union Parishads under audit.
  • The six-monthly report is prepared by the Union Parishad and sent regularly to the concerned authorities
  • Preparation of five year term plan by Union Parishad through public participation
  • The annual budget is prepared by the Union Parishad through an open budget meeting
  • Gradual increase in the amount of income from the union councils’ own sources
  • MIS provides digital inspections, geotagged images of the scheme, mobile apps and online grievance redressal.
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